Max leverage reduced to 1:300

Maximum leverage for low equity accounts (equivalent up to US$5K) reduced to 1:300

PFD has been licensed as a Derivatives Issuer by the NZ Financial Markets Authority.

The maximum leverage for low equity accounts (equivalent up to US$5K) has been reduced to 1:300 effective Monday, 2 March 2015.

We request clients currently enjoying 1:500 leverage to note the above reduction in leverage and monitor their open positions accordingly to avoid stop out due to the above reduction in leverage.

PFD-NZ Management

Investing in margin foreign exchange and other derivatives can be risky and these products are not suitable for all investors and traders. Any general advice in this electronic communication does not take into account you or your client's personal objectives, financial situation and needs. Please seek advice from a financial adviser or broker and read PFD Disclosure Statement before making a decision in relation to any investment.

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