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An Introducing Broker (IB) is a person or a company who refers clients to PFD. As long as these clients trade, the IB receives rebate from PFD. It is a spread model, which is mutually profitable for both broker and IB.

RequirementIntroducing Broker to have the required authorisation, licences or registrations for the jurisdictions it operates in.

How to become an IB? Open an account with PFD either online signup or paper mode application form like any other client using Our sign up form;

Account opened by an IB will be treated as a rebate-cum-trading account;
Download PFD’s Introducing Broker Agreement using
Introducing Broker Agreement, sign and scan to [email protected].
PFD will discuss rebate structure with IB, accept an IB and align IB’s rebate-cum-trading account with the unique IB agreement;

How and when can an IB withdraw the rebate? Like any other client, an IB can download a Withdrawal Form, fill in and scan to [email protected] for real time processing to receive the payment.

How and when will an IB get the rebate credited? PFD allows real-time crediting of eligible rebate to IB’s account as and when an IB’s client closes a trade.

IB business promotion PFD values its IBs, always supports IBs and keeps in touch with IBs to make the partnership mutually beneficial. IBs can create their own website and promote PFD as their favourite broker.

Where do I find promo items? PFD does a lot of ads on forex portals as could be viewed from our Press Room. As a strategy, IBs can promote business independently making use of PFD’ accreditation and can add URL on IB’s website and promote PFD’s brand.

For more information, please email us at [email protected] or call us at our office numbers.


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