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Derivatives investor money

    The Company complies with the new requirements for the handling of Derivatives Investor Money.

    "These include:

  • holding derivatives investor money on trust for the investor,
  • ensuring that derivatives investor money is paid promptly into a specified bank to a trust account,
  • derivatives investor money must be held separate from money held by or for the issuer or offeror on its own account,
  • at least daily, reconciling the derivatives issuer’s records of the amount of derivatives investor money with the amount of money in the trust account,
  • derivatives investor money must not be used to satisfy any liability of a derivatives issuer,
  • keeping and maintain up to date records of derivatives investor money for each investor,
  • obtaining an assurance report, within 4 months after the issuer’s balance date, that states whether, in the auditor’s opinion, the derivatives issuer’s processes, procedures and controls were suitably designed and operated effectively during the accounting period."