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MT4 MultiTerminal is designed for managing multiple Forex trading accounts simultaneously. It provides the practical approach for account managers and traders who handle multiple concurrent accounts. MT4 MultiTerminal is a real-time trading platform, which enables introducers and money managers to simultaneously observe the system at the same time as their investors. If you are money manager please also look into our solution MAM.

Key Features

Managing a set of client accounts.
Multiple Order types. All normal types: Market, Stop, Limit.
Order execution capabilities. All unique order types accepted: Trailing Stop, Close by and Close all.
Receiving quotes and news in the online mode.
Language support

Key Benefits

Works with securities of Forex, CFD, spot metals, shares and futures
Single-Click, Single-Platform, Multiple Accounts solution

System Requirements

MultiTerminal can operate under Microsoft Windows 7/8/10/Server 2012 and newer.

MT4 Multi Terminal allows Lots Allocation Method:

Predefined volume — the predefined volume will be used at placing orders. It is necessary to specify manually the lots amount for each order by double-clicking in the "Volume" field; later this predefined volume will apply at placing orders.
Total volume for each order — the total volume will be used at placing of every order.
Equal parts — the total volume will be allocated among all orders in equal parts.
On equity ratio — the total volume will be allocated among orders according to the accounts equity ratio.
On free margin ratio — the total volume will be allocated among orders according to the accounts free margin ratio.

Adding Accounts

If one needs to manage one more account, he/she must add this account into the terminal by using the "File - New Account" menu command, the corresponding button in the toolbar, or using the "New Account" command of the "Accounts" window context menu. When adding an account, it is necessary to enter login (account number) in the "New Account" window and the password.

Download MT4 Multi Terminal from MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal MultiTerminal


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