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World Top Investors

Year-long World Top Investor Competition 2014-15


Truth is better than fiction. Year-long World Top Investor competition will launch on Dec., 1 2014 World Top Investor

The World Top Investor is a dream come true for traders and investors that want to have fame and recognition. As responsible investors they already know that there is a risk of loss in trading, but they also know they can reduce risk by applying control, techniques and strategies over their trades, and they can win.

The world scenario for 2014-2015 plays like a difficult period for the markets.  The world keeps making deals and participants in the World Top Investor must act and react quickly to make money, real money.

Over the next 11 weeks investors are going to be divided in between those participating and those who will follow those participating the World Top Investor.
Participating is simple - open an account until Dec 1, 2014
with PFD



Investing in margin foreign exchange and other derivatives can be risky and these products are not suitable for all investors and traders. Any general advice in this electronic communication does not take into account you or your client's personal objectives, financial situation and needs. Please seek advice from a financial adviser or broker and read PFD Disclosure Statement before making a decision in relation to any investment.

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